5 Ways to Fight Off Anti-bribery Compliance Fatigue Reply

Compliance Fatigue  

2012 Survey conducted by Ernst & Young this past summer indicates that a large portion of Chief Financial Officers are experiencing “a certain degree of fatigue about anti-corruption and compliance initiatives.”  This is not entirely surprising given the fact that companies are currently spending tens of millions of dollars on internal corruption investigations and anti-bribery compliance measures.

Compliance fatigue can, however, be avoided.  Just as one of the best ways to fight off the common flu is simply to practice every day good hygiene like remembering to wash your hands, so too can companies make life easier for themselves by practicing easy, every day compliance solutions.  The key is to streamline the compliance process and adopt cost-effective solutions.  We’ve listed below five ways compliance officers are doing just that and warding off compliance fatigue in their companies:

1.      Remember, perfection is neither possible nor necessary.  When devising a compliance plan, More…