Day 6: New Year, New Bribery Schemes-Receive a Pre-Order Copy of How to Pay a Bribe 2nd Ed

Offer: A Free Pre-Order Copy of How to Pay a Bribe Second Edition

This offer must be accepted by midnight tonight.

Day 6-TRACE Holiday Promo-BookOur 10 Days of Giving continues today with a FREE Pre-Order Copy of How to Pay a Bribe: Thinking Like a Criminal to Thwart Bribery Schemes (Second Edition)edited by TRACE President, Alexandra Wrage. This fascinating and instructive book about how bribery schemes are devised, carried out and covered up was originally published in July 2012 and has been updated with eight new stories to interest readers.  Learn how one company mastered the art of setting up foreign shell companies to hide its misdeeds abroad or how others paid Chinese travel agencies to create fictitious invoices in order to cover up extravagant trips for local officials.

Hundreds of copies of How to Pay a Bribe: Thinking Like a Criminal to Thwart Bribery Schemes were given out and sold in the last year and the second edition of this must-read book is expected to be even more successful! TRACE invites in-house counsel and anti-bribery practitioners to enjoy this fascinating read full of practical insights on us as recipients of the first printed copies of the second edition which is expected to be published in early 2014.

Delivery of How to Pay a Bribe: Thinking Like a Criminal to Thwart Bribery Schemes (Second Edition) is dependent on publication of the book and the location of the recipient’s shipping address. Recipients will be notified upon shipment of their book and can expect delivery in early 2014.

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Day 5: Celebrate a Festive and Compliant Holiday with Gift Giving Guides from TRACE Reply

Offer: China Gifts & Hospitality Guidelines and our Benchmarking Survey on Holiday Gift Giving

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Day 5-TRACE Holiday Promo-Gift Giving

Local customs and laws on gift giving can vary greatly from country to country and can make it difficult for companies to determine the value of gifts that can be given to government officials. China made headlines this year as a discussion of the holiday treat, mooncakes, was featured in international media. To assist the compliance community in remaining festive and compliant during this holiday season, we are offering free copies of our China Gifts & Hospitality Guidelines, prepared by our partner law firm in China, K&L Gates LLP, and our recent Benchmarking Survey on Holiday Gift Giving to respondents of this offer.

The Resource Center for TRACE Corporate Members features a database of more than 130 country-specific Gifts & Hospitality Guidelines prepared by our trusted network of TRACE Partner Law Firms. Gifts & Hospitality Guidelines provide insight on local laws and customs surrounding gifts, travel and hospitality for government officials. These guidelines can be used in conjunction with our Gifts & Hospitality Tracking Software to manage and enforce gift giving policies.

About TRACE Gifts & Hospitality Tracking Software

TRACE provides its member companies with an easily manageable gifts, travel & hospitality tracking tool, enabling them to track key information about incoming and outgoing gifts, travel and hospitality given and received by their employees. The tool also allows companies to search the information entered and to identify patterns in the data that may raise a compliance red flag.

Learn more about the TRACE Gifts & Hospitality Tracking Software on our website at

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TRACE’s 10 Days of Giving continues next week. Have a great weekend and continue following our holiday offers starting Monday, December 16. 

Day 4: Attend the Premier Anti-Bribery Compliance Benchmarking Event with a TRACE Forum Pass

Offer: TRACE Forum Pass to Reserve One Place at the 10th Annual TRACE Forum

This offer is limited to the first 6 respondents (3 TRACE Members & 3 Non-Members). 

10th Annual TRACE Forum

The Premier Anti-Bribery Compliance Benchmarking
and Best Practices Sharing Event

March 26-27, 2014 • St. Regis, Washington, DC

Day 4-TRACE Holiday Promo-Forum Pass

TRACE invites you to attend the 10th Annual TRACE Forum scheduled on March 26-27, 2014 in Washington, DC. This year’s program will feature new panels on:

  • The Role of Your Human Resources Department in FCPA Compliance: From Background Screenings to Investigations
  • Preparing for a Government Investigation Before You are in the Spotlight: Implementing Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Misconduct and Cooperating with Authorities
  • Strategic Data Analysis to Detect Potential Anti-Bribery Violations and Strengthen Compliance
  • How to Avoid Over-Allocating Resources to Vetting Third Parties
  • Life After the DOJ: Former Top DOJ Regulators Share Their Insights on Enforcement Trends and Where Companies Go Wrong on FCPA Compliance

View Agenda-at-a-Glance here.

As part of our 10 Days of Giving, we are offering a second TRACE Forum Pass to the first 3 TRACE member company respondents of this promotion (registration is typically limited to one representative per member company)  and  one free TRACE Forum Pass to the first 3 non-member company respondents.

This offer is non-transferable, restricted to companies only and may not be redeemed by law firms or vendors. 

To accept this offer, please write to with your name, title and contact details. This offer is limited to the first 6 respondents (3 TRACE Members & 3 Non-Members). The offer is valid for the first respondent from each company. A single company may not obtain two TRACE Forum Passes. TRACE Forum Passes apply only to the 10th Annual TRACE Forum on March 26-27, 2014 and may not be redeemed at any other TRACE event.

Day 3: 48-Hour Due Diligence Solution, Verified and Portable-Save 50% on Your TRAC Application. Reply

Offer: 50% Discount on Your TRAC Application

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Own and share your verified due diligence report.

Day 3-TRACE Holiday Promo-TRAC

For Day 3 of our 10 Days of Giving, TRACE is offering you a promotional code to receive a 50% discount on your TRAC Number application. Your TRAC Number will remain valid for a one year period from the date of approval, at which point you will be asked to renew your account and pay the standard $80 fee.

TRAC is the only global online platform that captures, assesses and shares baseline due diligence information on organizations and individuals across the supply and marketing chain and assigns a universal ID number (TRAC Number) to all approved applicants. TRAC eliminates baseline due diligence screening costs for multinational companies while allowing TRAC holders to easily share their compliance information with all of their business partners.

How TRAC Works

Companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals are eligible to receive a TRAC number and to share their information with whomever they may designate. TRAC holders and companies are eligible to view another entity’s TRAC profiles at no cost, with the approval of the TRAC holder. To obtain a TRAC, an Authorized Representative, chosen by the company, fills out an initial questionnaire. This information is then processed by TRACE analysts, and typically within one business day, a unique 12 digit TRAC number is issued. The Authorized Representative remains in control of managing the information within a TRAC profile.

To learn more, view a 90-second video clip here or visit View our TRAC Registration and Profile Creation video for instructions on how to apply. Please write to to request more information about TRAC.

To accept this offer visit, register for a free TRAC account and fill out an application for a TRAC Number using the promo code: HOLIDAY13

The discount code will expire on December 20, 2013.