FCPA Corporate Settlements by the Numbers: TRACE Looks Back at 2013 Reply

It’s been a year of extremes in the world of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  After getting off to a slow start, with no official corporate FCPA settlements announced in the first quarter, 2013 witnessed two of the top ten biggest settlements of all time.  And while the total number of settlements reached this year actually went down from 2012, the total amount of penalties nearly tripled.  What conclusions, then, can we reach about enforcement in 2013?  Trend-wise, is FCPA enforcement increasing or decreasing?

It’s worth pointing out that even seemingly objective numerical statistics, like how many settlements were concluded in 2013, are subject to honest debate.  Should we, for example, count the IBM settlement approved by a Federal Judge this past July, even though it was initially agreed to by the parties way back in 2011?   What about the SEC’s March settlement with Keyuan Petrochemicals Inc., which dealt only partially with FCPA violations but otherwise dealt with criminal fraud?  Even the SEC has been inconsistent here, publishing in its year-end review that it concluded only 5 FCPA settlements this year, and elsewhere, on its website, listing two more FCPA settlements for 2013.

Without any generally accepted method for calculating these enforcement statistics, reasonable minds are likely to disagree as to what should or shouldn’t count towards end-of the year tabulations.  Some will use enforcement numbers this year to argue that this was one of the weakest years in FCPA enforcement.  Others will say the exact opposite.  Both will be right.   What’s certainly true is that 2013 was a year of variation, with plenty of interesting lessons to be drawn. More…

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